Time-honored strength and physical training techniques focused upon heroes and other mythological figures, certain to transform you in ways you never thought possible.

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Transform your Body, your Mind and your Life....    

Heroic Evolution offers time-honored strength and physical training courses based around a relatively new idea. In addition to the physical work of the course, we provide a heroic image for you to visualize, creating a focal point for your energy. Each course is far more than a series of exercise routines, but instead a holistic method of physical training that seamlessly blends meditation-like mental focus with strenuous physical techniques. This unique approach allows you to see dramatic results faster than you ever thought possible.

The veneration of heroes and mythological figures through physical training provides a clear focus to improve or recreate your life as you wish it, actively working to unlock deep reservoirs of energy and personal power. This in turn promotes physical strength and vitality, eliminates depression and weakness, and allows you to manifest true and lasting change in your life and the world at large.

Many of the heroes and deities you discover here should be familiar - they live within us. They hide within powerful cultural undercurrents which drive us and shape our consciousness; we may try to deny them, but their influence is inescapable.

Rather than ignore their impact, Heroic Evolution helps you to focus your mind upon a powerful symbol which will ignite your imagination and tap a wellspring of energy within you. This energy will fuel your transformation, and when combined with time-tested physical training techniques the possibilities for personal growth and achievement are endless.


What our customers are saying...

"[The Heroic Evolution courses] have really reinvigorated my passion for training. You explain the nuances of each exercise very well, and putting the program parameters in the booklet makes it easy for me to decide if and how I will implement them. Each course is a good, professional level product with a lot of information, no extraneous words, and an organizational format that is the best I have seen for an exercise training video. Give yourself a big pat on the back."  James M, Biloxi MS

"Very impressed with the DVD.  The overall presentation is excellent and the training program is nothing short of epic. There is enough here in terms of physical training to keep you busy for a VERY long time. Thank you!"  Martin D, Shanklin Isle of Wight, England


Check out the Course Catalog to select a training program that feels right for you. The decision to evolve is not one that can be made for you; only you can decide when you are ready. Has the time come to empower yourself and achieve your dreams?

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