Time-honored strength and physical training techniques focused upon heroes and other mythological figures, certain to transform you in ways you never thought possible.


Atlas, Holding up the World            While not typically recognized as a God, Atlas is a Titan which may have been an even older divinity of a people conquered by the early Greeks. The Titans are proto-type beings of immense power and more elemental than “human” in nature. Atlas was the strongman of the Titans, which is saying quite a bit because the Titans were known primarily for their physical strength.  It was the raid on Mount Olympus where Atlas caused enough destruction and mayhem to frighten the Olympic Gods and earned himself special punishment from Zeus. In lonely desolation Atlas was charged to forever bear the weight of the celestial sphere upon his shoulders thus ensuring that the Titan Sky-Father Uranus and the Titan Earth-Mother Gaia could never again join in union and create new Titans to challenge the power of the Olympic Gods.

            The Atlas program is a heavy weight bearing program using what is called “partials”. A partial is a very short distance lift using far more weight then you could normally lift using full range motion; it requires the use of safety supports. This is a full body development program that will build super human tendon and ligament strength as well as very dense muscles and bones. Partials were considered absolutely essential for the development of real strength in old-time strongmen and women.

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