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Bitcoins are a new technology, and more people are discovering them every day. However, the technology is still in its infancy, and there is much to learn.

  Shoppers - get the digital wallet
The first step is to download the bitcoin wallet from bitcoin.org. When you first run the wallet software, it will take some time to download the block chain. This chain is a list of all of the bitcoin transactions to date. Every bitcoin wallet needs an up-to-date list in order to participate in the transactions.
Learn More: bitcoin.org

Secure your wallet
First, make sure you have NO VIRUSES or trojans on your computer. Second, locate the wallet.dat file on your hard drive. THIS IS YOUR MONEY. Learn how to encrypt this file, or move it to a USB memory stick and disconnect it from your computer when you don't need it. If your wallet.dat file is not online, it cannot be attacked. If you have many bitcoins, have a "savings" wallet, on another computer, disconnected from the internet until you need to use it.
Learn More: Bitcoin Wiki, Bitcoin Forum

Get some bitcoins
After your wallet is up-to-date, and secure, you can get some bitcoins. Bitcoins are cash, like any other currency. To trade your currency for bitcoins, you need to go to a currency exchange. Start at bitcoincharts.com for a real-time look at the exchange rates and exchanges.
Learn More: bitcoincharts.com, Mt.Gox, TradeHill, CampBX

Go Shopping!
Many websites and business now accept bitcoins. Shoppers can make purchases without disclosing their sensitive information, and have no risk of identity theft.