Time-honored strength and physical training techniques focused upon heroes and other mythological figures, certain to transform you in ways you never thought possible.


Cuchulain, having slain the great dog Culain as a child.           Cuchulain is the golden haired hero of Irish myth. He was born from the line of the Dagdha, and was the son of the solar deity Lugh.  Cuchulain become the favored champion of Ultser, the northern province of Ireland.  He was able to achieve great things by honing his natural athleticism to a razer's edge with dedicated training.  It is often not enough to merely have potential - it is the development of that potential into greatness that really matters.

            As a young boy Cuchulain was out hunting in an area he was warned never to go; there he was attacked by a large and mighty hound.  In defense of his life Cuchulain strangled the beast to death, but after doing so he realized that the hound was the great guard dog Culain, a creature charged to patrol the borders of his beloved Ulster.  In honor of the animal and in recompense for his actions, he vowed to replace the hound's watch until another could be reared, and in so doing took the name Cuchulain, or “The Hound of Culain.” In honoring his vow and performing other great works Cuchulain earned him the respect of his people and began a true hero’s journey.

            Cuchulain shows that we are not merely what other people call us or even what they think of us. Much like taking the name Cuchulain transformed his fate, we also have the potential to become more and better then what anything thinks we can be.  By faithfully honoring our vows for better health and greater strength of mind/body/spirit we can literally manifest our inner hero in the flesh and chase down a greater destiny. 

            The Cuchulain program is focused around using nothing but your own body weight. There is no equipment or large space required; giving you no excuses. You will reap your rewards through sweat and determination. You will develop the athleticism, coordination, endurance and strength required to be recognized for your merits and work ethic; the rewards will be both worthwhile and lasting.

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