Time-honored strength and physical training techniques focused upon heroes and other mythological figures, certain to transform you in ways you never thought possible.

The Dagda, with his Club and Cauldron

         In terms of power and formidability in the world of Irish myth, none stands above the Dagda (or Daghdha).  His fighting skill, strength and masculine attributes are beyond question. He is the Father of all Ireland; the grand fountain from which all Ireland’s greatest heroes sprang.  His massive war club (which required nine strongmen merely to carry) could swath giant passages through invading armies, bring the dead back to life and carve out the land for cultivation.

         Big, jolly and good natured, the Dagda never denied hospitality to anyone with a pure heart.  He taught his many daughters and sons by example to be protectors and providers for their people.  They were taught to be friendly, kind, compassionate and giving, as well as stout and courageous.

         The Dagda is the Great Oak that gives shelter to all; by comparison we are all merely acorns, lying scattered under his branches. But as acorns we each have within us the potential to grow out of his shadow and into a Mighty Oak all our own.  We can begin to realize this potential by working with nine specific exercises and one ancient weapon: the heavy club.

         The Dagda Program is built around full body arduous tasks that will test you over and over again.  Working with the nine exercises will help you to grow and evolve, hitting one milestone after another until you can accomplish tremendous feats of strength that few before you have ever achieved.  The heavy club will test your growing strength and prepare you to emerge victorious from even the most brutal of physical conflicts. 

        Kevin Wikse is a world recognized master in the use of the heavy club, having set numerous records and world firsts.  It was stories of the Dagda that originally inspired Kevin to take up club swinging as a means of physical and spiritual training, so it seems only fitting that he reveals a major part of his personal training regimen within The Dagda Program. 

        Completion of The Dagda Program will further your initiation into the mysteries of strength and transform you into a mighty Oak in a world populated mostly by saplings.  By your achievements you will earn your place among the mighty and stand as a towering example for others to follow. 

The Dagda Program Includes . . .

  •   An instructional DVD providing detailed demonstrations and examples of course exercises.
  •   A written guidebook detailing training techniques to help you master all nine feats of strength.
  •   High-resolution photo examples of all course positions.
  •   Unlimited free e-mail support for a year.
  •   Lifetime access to the Members-Only messageboards.
  •   Free USA shipping (just $25 worldwide).
  •   A 30-day Money-Back Guarantee.


"Great product, the club work is awesome and I can't wait to start trying the techniques." James R, Waukegan IL

"These aren't parlor tricks; I have personally witnessed the feats you will see on the Dagda DVD. Kevin is the real deal with unconventional strength methods." Steve B, Westminster CA


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