Time-honored strength and physical training techniques focused upon heroes and other mythological figures, certain to transform you in ways you never thought possible.


Hercules, Battling the Cerberus            The very name Hercules has become synonymous with strength in our consciousness; the legends of his might are still shared today.  Hercules was born out of a forbidden tryst between a mortal woman and Zeus, King of the Greek Gods.  Hercules physical prowess quickly catapulted him into legendary status and brought him as much glory as it did woe.  Hounded by the jealous furry of Hera, Hercules was driven mad and committed terrible sins.  To atone for his actions, Hercules turned to Apollo, God of Oracles, and was given 12 labors to purify his soul. It was through these works, sweat and blood that Hercules cleansed his spirit - finally earning him a place upon Mount Olympus.        

            The Hercules program is a true old-school bodybuilding program in the vein of such men as Reg Park and John Grimek; bodybuilders who appeared strong but were even mightier than they looked.  This is not a “Hollywood muscle” program.  The Hercules is a true hardcore, result producing, full-body muscle and power building routine that will make your body drip with sweat and your muscles roar!

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