Time-honored strength and physical training techniques focused upon heroes and other mythological figures, certain to transform you in ways you never thought possible.

Orion, Maintaining Tension and Focus over Eons

            Enduring physical hardships, stalking your prey, and holding your focus under extreme tension until the opportunity for your shot arrives. These skills made heroes out of otherwise ordinary men and women. The hunters stood between living abundant lives and starving to death.   

            Orion is the mighty patron of hunters and archers. Orion encompassed all that a hunter should be; strong, steady and determined. His bow symbolizes his mastery of body control and his highly focused mind.

            At one time we took to the jungles and plains to stalk down our meals. We now hunt on asphalt and in concrete jungles of glass and steel. Our focus is no longer on the deer or the rabbit. Our aim is now on securing a parking spot or chasing down a job promotion. Different targets but all equally part of our modern day survival. Orion teaches us that not only can we survive under pressure but thrive. Orion shows us how we can use tension and resistance to make us stronger.

            Orion’s example is of persistence, holding focus on an objective until our goals are achieved. Orion demonstrates how to temper tenacity with patience and develop cable like tendons in harmony with steely nerves and an iron will.

            The art of strand pulling (also known as a chest expander or strength cables) came from the English long-bow which demanded almost super-human strength to fully draw back. The pulling of these longbows took decades to master, and became trials of strength as men would travel from town to town testing themselves against famous bows. Such longbowmen would pull mighty bows at all manner of angles and positions to build strength throughout their entire bodies.

            While the need for the longbow might have dwindled the power and steady prehensile strength developed from pulling the bows did not. So strand pulling was born.

            Strand pulling brings with it all the skills a great hunter would need to develop and does so in the modern world. It develops both focus and persistence as the resistance is constant and unyielding; thus the strength you build is steady and unrelenting as the strands are “live” weight with jumpy tension that must be brought under control. Strand pulling develops power at odd-angles, angles that are all but impossible to build with any efficiency using traditional weights.

            Strand pulling is highly progressive and can be trained in a myriad of different modalities. Hard, heavy, slow, low rep grinding pulls or fast, explosive with high reps; each set of cables represents a new challenge: a new “bow” with with to test yourself.  This will keep you in pursuit of greatness and constantly on the hunt for new challenges and opportunities to better your health, your strength and your life.

            The Orion program is by far the most comprehensive strength cable/strand pulling training program to date. Check it out today, and begin your evolution into a mighty hunter.

The Orion Program Includes . . .

  •   An instructional DVD providing detailed demonstrations and examples of course exercises.
  •   A written guidebook detailing a wide variety of strand pulling and strength building techniques.
  •   High-resolution photo examples of all course manuevers and postures.
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"I just did [the Orion Program training] a couple of times and...was surprised to get sore shoulders and upper back despite my bodybuilding exercises with dumbbells and a barbell... resistance bands hit areas I couldn't train with iron weights." Vladimir K, Silver Spring MD

"Looks great. The presentation and effort put into the DVD and Booklet and program are excellent. I like that there is an actual program to follow...Looking forward to getting strong as hell with Strandpulling." Robert O, Ann Arbor, MI

"I've been doing the Orion Program for nearly 3 months now and I have to say I've made some fantastic progress--this program is AWESOME and I haven't felt this good in years! Thank you for creating these programs." John N, Bloomington, IL

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