Time-honored strength and physical training techniques focused upon heroes and other mythological figures, certain to transform you in ways you never thought possible.

Pan, effortlessly carrying a Nymph upon his back

            Pan is a deity of virility and masculine strength; he is either the first or one of the earliest anthropomorphic human/animal hybrid creatures of mythology.  Like Chiron the centaur, Pan is a master of two worlds. He has the higher intellect of human thinking paired with powerful lower body drives.  Half man and half goat, Pan is the father of the satyrs and chaser of nymphs.  The term “horny” could very well be a reference to Pan; his sexual exploits speak for themselves.  He is a force of nature, the driving force, regenerating and prodding energy that impels life forward.

            Pan’s most notable feature is his goat legs; but more than that, everything below his waist is that of a goat. This tells us a great deal about the strength of the legs and their connection to the sexual organs. Pan is a consummate master of dancing as well; it makes good use of the legs while simultaneously being a method of seduction.

            The Pan program is a full body program with a heavy emphasis on the legs. Leg training is fundamental in the release of testosterone. Testosterone regulates the growth hormone and in turn increases muscular strength, health and size. It is also the primary factor in sexual drive and is helpful in improving that aspect of your life. Testosterone helps in weight loss and helps to balance out estrogen.  Heavy leg training will also increase lung and heart capacity, improve nutrient intake for the body, increase blood circulation and improve the functioning of the adrenal glands.

            Pan is a joyous deity of movement and life.  Improve your enjoyment of life and gain the ability to move like the wind with the Pan program.

The Pan Program Includes . . .

  •   An instructional DVD detailing some of the most effective leg-focused exercises ever developed.
  •   A written guidebook including the instructions and coursework you need to succeed.
  •   High-resolution photo examples of course movements, manuevers and exercises.
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