Time-honored strength and physical training techniques focused upon heroes and other mythological figures, certain to transform you in ways you never thought possible.

Queen Maeve, Warrior Goddess

            Queen Maeve is the alpha-female of Irish myth. She is the Queen of Queens and no man can rightfully hold the position of King without her blessing. Queen Maeve is the mighty stone holding the sword that can only be pulled free by the true king. She is the rock that men break themselves against. Her strength is undeniable, her beauty legendary and her feminine prowess inexhaustible.

            Queen Maeve is the foundation on which great men stoop. She can make them or break them at will. Even with this mighty power she never forgets what it means to be a woman. She acted as mother and sovereign Goddess to all the inhabitants of Ireland.

            The Queen Maeve program is for women who are not content to merely be “in shape”. The Queen Maeve is a program for aspiring strongwoman and fem-doms who want the strength to tussle with the boys and have a good shot at winning.  This program develops incredible strength and dense muscle without making you “bulky” or man-like. It will enhance your femininity while you earn the power to be Queen of your own destiny.


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