Time-honored strength and physical training techniques focused upon heroes and other mythological figures, certain to transform you in ways you never thought possible.

The Morrigan, Dark Goddess of Life and Death

            The Morrigan is at once the Dark Warrior and Mother Goddess of Ireland. She is a herald of war and death but also a Goddess connected with the cycle of re-birth and fertility. She appears as a formidable female warrior with a dark, otherworldly beauty, and is often pictured carrying a spear in both hands, fearlessly plunging headlong into battle with a deafening war cry.  While this may seem contrary to the idea of the Morrigan as a life-giving mother, it is her place as guardian of the gates of both life and death that tie her to both sides of this process.

            In order to be reborn you must first die. To die is not particularly difficult; all you need to do is wait and time will eventually claim you. Dying a worthy death by pursuing a heroic life, however, is another matter entirely.

            The Morrigan looks for worthy warriors who held to their higher ideals both in life and at the moment of their death. These warriors prove themselves a credit to their race and the Morrigan sees that they are reborn where they can continue evolving and developing the human race.

            The Morrigan program follows this idea very closely. The Morrigan is a Goddess of tough love. She mentors those who seek her out at the end of her boot. She knows that steel sharpens steel, and that time spent in strife and difficulty ensure continual growth and evolution.

            The Morrigan program forces you to come to the realization that the old you, the weaker you, is standing in the way of your progress - you are you own worst enemy. You must first slay your previous self if you are to be reborn as a stronger, healthier, more confident person. The Morrigan program focuses on full body compound movements that give no rest, no quarter, and no mercy. To advance in this program your inner warrior must overcome the part of you that makes excuses, tells you to quit, and holds you back from accomplishing your goals. 

            The Morrigan teaches that your death is inevitable; it is only a matter of when. Will you be remembered for the life you led, or be forgotten like countless others?


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