Time-honored strength and physical training techniques focused upon heroes and other mythological figures, certain to transform you in ways you never thought possible.

Theseus and the Minotaur

Theseus battling the Gigantic Minotaur            Theseus was son of the great king Aegir, but did not live with his father.  The only proof he had of his birthright lay hidden under a giant stone. Every dawn Theseus would strain and toil to roll that rock out of the way. His muscles grew hard and big against it until, years later, the great rock finally gave way to reveal his father’s sword. 

            Theseus knew he was a Prince and to prove himself worthy of his Father’s throne went against his Mother’s advice and began the long journey to meet father.  Instead of taking the safe path by ship Theseus opted for the more dangerous route traveling by land.  He killed many a monster, giant and outlaw on his journey, making quite a name for himself before he finally arrived before his Father.

            Wanting to prove his worth to Aegir and outraged to hear that 14 young Athenians were to be sacrificed to a monster in a labyrinth. Theseus put himself on a direct course with the Minotaur, swearing to slay it for glory and for Athens.

            With a golden string to recount his steps and the sword of his Aegir in his hands, Theseus found and confronted the Minotaur. The Battle raged until Theseus grasped the monster’s deadly horn and his sword found its way into the creature’s neck.  With the Minotaur dead, Theseus fashions the creature's horns into a crown, before sailing back to Athens and claiming his birthright as King.

            The Theseus and the Minotaur program take a much needed look at the structure of the human body. The eager action of Theseus is the zeal of excited strength trainers. It’s easy to see the biceps, shoulders and chest as the primary focus points. While these muscles can become very strong and useful they are prone to over use, over training and the true power and support muscles fall into neglect. The Minotaur is those neglected muscle groups, the supporting muscles, the muscles people try and hide and ignore. It’s not until Theseus grabbed the bull by its horns, risked being gored (these true power muscles are very painful to train and at first very uncomfortable), that he could defeat the beast and in the end earn the right to wear the horns himself as the Bull King of Athens.

            The Theseus and the Minotaur program will help you to stop neglecting the REAL power muscles in favor of “Hollywood” or “show” muscles. You will begin to to eliminate structural weakness in your body, finally finding your way out of the maze of the broken promises of “Hollywood” trainers and strength training charlatans. Earn your right to wear the horns as Bull King of your own destiny.

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