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Thor, Wielding Mjölnir as if it were a Feather

            Of all the great deities and heroes none stand out as the pure powerhouse and defender of the world quite like Thor.  Thor’s strength is absolutely unmatched; he cannot be conquered by deity, hero or monster.  His mighty hammer stands as a testament to his universal appeal and his enormous popularity. He is a deity of the common man and a friend to all people. He lives with and among them, cares about their day to day lives, he drinks, laughs and loves on our level, while still being approachable and big hearted.

            Veneration of Thor outweighed even that of his father Odin among the people who toiled, labored and defended their homesteads while tended to their families and livestock. Thor’s willingness to stand up against even the most horrible of monsters combined with the stories of his strength and fighting prowess serve to inspire the common folk to show courage against their  enemies and meet challenges head-on.

            Thor possessed three unique items of legend. His magical belt "Megingjörð" capable of doubling his already gigantic physical strength, his iron gloves "Járngreipr" which allowed him to skillfully wield his hammer, and the hammer itself, "Mjölnir", said to be capable of leveling mountains.  The Thor program delves into the mysteries of each of these potent gifts; the deeper meaning behind them and their secret applications for the development of superhuman strength.

The Thor Program Includes . . .

  •   An instructional DVD providing detailed demonstrations and examples of course exercises.
  •   A written guidebook detailing techniques to help you master Megingjörð, Járngreipr and Mjölnir.
  •   High-resolution photo examples of course positions for the belt, the glove and the hammer.
  •   Unlimited free e-mail support for a year.
  •   Lifetime access to the Members-Only messageboards.
  •   Free USA shipping (just $25 worldwide).
  •   A 30-day Money-Back Guarantee.

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