Time-honored strength and physical training techniques focused upon heroes and other mythological figures, certain to transform you in ways you never thought possible.


Zeus, the Strength of Thunder and Speed of Lightning

            On Mount Olympus none were higher than Zeus. Zeus is King of the Gods, the ruler of rulers, the mightiest of the pantheon. His titles are many, but one stands out above all others: Zeus, “All Powers”. Zeus defeated the great monster and titan Typhon and led the gods to victory over the titans. So great was his athletic prowess that every fourth year for over a thousand years the Greeks held a grand celebration filled with athletic competitions in his honor.  Today we call this celebration "the Olympics". 

            Zeus is perhaps most famous for his hurling of thunderbolts. The image of a heavily muscled arm grasping a thunderbolt is an image that nearly all cultures the world attribute to their gods of strength and authority such as Thor, Perun, Indra, and Ukko.

            While Zeus’s physical power is most impressive, his sheer force of will is what really defines him.  Zeus possesses iron clad authority, the very meaning behind the words: “Why? Because I said so”. This level of willpower and personal authority go hand in hand with what Old-Time strongmen and women called the “nerve force”. Learning to harness this talent increases your innate ability to literally force a weight or perform an act of strength solely because you will it to be done.

            In the Zeus program you will not only learn to hone your own “nerve force” but will also develop explosive/thunderbolt power with fast lifting and combining plyometrics with isometrics. You will begin to harness your own “All Powers”. This is not an easy program. At first your body will feel like it’s been hit by a truck; but when you suddenly begin to tear through obstacles in your path like a freight train, you the effort and pain will all be worth it.

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